Some of our recent proudest moments

MRM Care

Medical Record Management Care is a custom project for a comaony in California.The App provdes add ons to the medical industry.

Size U Fit

Size U Fit is a custom project for a company out of Toronto. The concept was to make a variety of clothing brand size charts available to consumers.


BidzHub is our "new" in house project. After determining a need from our not for profit clients, we have developed a Auction template that is customizable. Colour, pictures, sponsor links and more. The not for profits have a complete backend for loading the auction items, descriptions, value, set the auction time and payment processing... We essentially Host each site.

GoTickets and ProShop

GoTickets and ProShop are in house projects. Both are Desktop software , GoTickets has a component built into Droid and iOS apps for some BCHL Hockey Teams.
GoTickets can be operated by Mouse or Touchscreen. This is a complete ticketing software to use for multi or single event venues. Add season and events, administrative duties, print tickets or virtual tickets to mobiles and more.

ProShop is a complete Point of sale program that can link into the ticketing software. This allows front end ticketing staff to sell merchandise as well.

GoMobile Android and iOS Mobile Apps

GoMobile is an in house project. The app is a customizable template that allows a custom feel with an affordable price. In this case we had some hockey teams customize a App. Team info, realtime scores for at home games, ticket and merchadise sales.