Services Offered

Software Development

Software Development including cross platform. We can produce software that runs on all 4 major platforms. Desktop, Web, Android and iOS. Website Development retail website in HTML5/JQuery or Web Forms Integrate with all major merchant providers including Pay Pal,, Beanstream, Moneris and Stripe.

Database Consulting

20+ years building rational databases, we have never met a data set we couldn't databse. We can import any data and build databases that flow naturally. If you currently use pen and paper to track your data (inventory, customers etc) we can exponentially do it faster.

We have built databases for retail stores to mapping data for a door knocking software to personal identification software and so much more.

WebSite Upgrade

We can upgrade your website to new technology or we can upgrade just the client side (what you see) and leave the server side (backend) alone.

WebSite Migration

We can move your existing website with your database from one hosting provider to another, seamlessly. We follow a tried and true step by step process.

Data Collection

We can collect data such as nutritional informations, sizing charts, every dog park in North America... for examples.

Data Migration

We can take your old worn out databases and put them into shiny new optimized enclosures. we recently took a SQL Server 2000 database and migrated straight into a SQL Server 2016 database. We wrote a small custom piece of middleware and it was done.

Who we are and What we offer

Our Customer Service is Second To None

Many years of combined knowledge, creativity and skill to start.

We started our software journey back before the Internet. We stick to a core of development tools that just work all of the time. Keeping informed on the new technology is key to what we do, we have to know how all the cogs work on all platforms. All of this experience is an advantage to our customers, keeping them on the leading edge side of things, not bleeding edge.

Software development is a large part of our business skillset but, there is a lot more to making software work. Databases need to be built or tuned up. The occasional programming of devices such as scales in a grocery store, an electric bike controller, Amazon Echo, a laser engraver to name a few. Technology demands diverse programming knowledge. Understanding the web and security especially when you are collecting sensitive data, we know how to keep that information safe with our unique inscription. In essence, if you aren't sure if it can be built, programmed or reconfigured... just ask!

You are ALWAYS Number 1 to us!

From the very first point of contact after we receive a request for a chat or your RFQ (Request For Quote) form and beyond the project completion. 80% of our projects are based on referrals and we appreciate our loyal customer base.

We take great pride in offering each client the highest level of customer service. We respect your ideas, questions and concerns. Some say they are afraid to ask a dumb question but, our view is the only dumb questions are the ones that don't get asked. Software can be very complex and we break the process down as much as each individual needs to get a greater understanding. We want you to be confident in the project you asked us to do.

A couple of things that are important part of what we do. We keep the projects affordable and in the case of software development, you keep the code. Yes you own it.

what makes MR3 tick?


We appreciate where we live, the most beautiful place on earth. We repect our enviroment.
Our 3 R's Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose

We embrace diversity, everyone has VALUE!


Our families are our greatest joy, Two and Four legged.
Our office is child and pet friendly.